Animal Pom Poms


I have a huge selection of animal pom poms (if you are looking for animals which are usually pets, click here!).  Here is some of them!  Each pom pom is unique, so I cannot guarentee that they are exactly the same as the photo. If there is something that you particularly want then leave a comment and I will try my best to accommodate.

Available:  Hedgehog (felted) | Hedgehog (pom pom) | Pig (large) | Pig (small) | Mouse in a log | Two owls on a log | A Sheep | Whale | Seal (white) | Seal (grey) | Owl | Fish and Shell | Fish on Driftwood | Penguin (grey) | Penguin (black)

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Hedgehog (felted), Hedgehog (pom pom), Pig (large), Pig (small), Mouse in a log, Two owls on a log, A Sheep, Whale, Seal (white), Seal (grey), Owl, Fish and Shell, Fish on Driftwood, Penguin (grey), Penguin (black)